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How do I apply for a loan?2021-08-18T16:27:29+08:00

All you need to apply online is a spare 10 minutes and internet access. Our online process is easy to follow and within a short time of uploading your supporting documents, we may give you an answer.

That way we can save time and can get you a fast answer on your loan approval.

What are my responsibilities?2021-08-18T16:27:35+08:00

Cash Loan Money Centres is here to help you borrow money responsibly and keep you in control of your finances.

In order for this relationship to work, you have to be completely honest and accurate with all the information you provide to us.

That way we can confidently build the right loan for you and maintain a long and trusting relationship with you.

Implications of a late or non-payment2021-08-18T16:27:39+08:00

We understand that people have problems meeting their repayments so if you are having trouble meeting your commitments in terms of your contract with us please contact us immediately and we will try to resolve the problem with you.

It is important that you understand that if we cannot reach agreement on how to solve your problem and you remain in breach of your obligations due to late or non-payment this may result in the payment of default fees from us and could result in an adverse credit listing.

When you miss a payment, a $30.00 failed payment fee may apply.If you choose to continue to ignore your obligations and refuse to either make a payment or discuss the issue with us, we have the right to take further action, which could include registering a default on your credit file, passing your information to a specialist debt collection agency, and or other and legal action.

How much does a loan cost?2021-09-15T09:46:31+08:00

Our calculator will help you calculate the estimated cost of your loan.

The calculator does not include third party or unascertainable fees and charges which may be added to the amount of your loan in certain circumstances i.e. in the case of a payment default.

For more information regarding unascertainable fees click here, to use our calculator click here.

When do I repay my loan?2021-09-15T09:50:34+08:00

You must repay your loan in the amounts and on the dates, you agree with us after we have jointly worked out an affordable repayment schedule that is suitable for you.

Your repayment will come out of your account as a direct debit on the agreed repayment date and for the agreed amount, that is why it is so important that we get this right from the start.

What if I can’t repay on the due date?2021-09-15T09:50:46+08:00

The costs of your loan will only increase if you fail to stick to your initial repayment schedule and you don’t contact us to make new arrangements.

You need to study the table click here for unascertainable fees and charges which may be charged if you are in default of payments and have not made arrangements with us for any changes to be recorded and properly recorded on your contract using our Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) process.

If you have continuous problems with repayments, we may reduce the amount available to you on subsequent loans or make further loans unavailable.

We are always careful to lend amounts which will not lead to repayment difficulty or bad credit – but we also ask you not to borrow from us if you think you might struggle to repay for any reason.

What are small amount loans?2021-09-15T11:14:29+08:00

Small loans are for amounts of credit from $500 to $2,000 repayable within 16 weeks (4 months). They are available for personal reasons and ideal to help you meet unexpected expenses where you can pay the loan back.

Who are Small loans suitable for?

Anyone who needs small amounts of cash for short periods of time. This might be for business or personal use.

Am I eligible to apply for a Small loan?

You are eligible for a Small loan if you are over 18, have a 100 points of ID and receive regular income via full time employment. You also qualify if you are a business or an individual with an ABN.

How much can I borrow?

From $500 up to $2,000

How long can I borrow the money for?

From 17 days up to 16 weeks (4 months)

What is the repayment frequency for a Small loan?

Weekly or fortnightly.

How do I repay?

By Direct Debit on your bank account

Are additional repayments ok?

Yes can pay off your loan or make advance payments ahead of your repayment schedule with a cash payment.

What are the costs, fees and charges for a Small loan?

Click here to use our calculator

Receiving the cash

When will I get my money?2021-09-15T09:45:42+08:00

We will process the funds on the same day the loan agreement is accepted. Funds may be received in a matter of minutes or may take up to 3 business days (depending on the financial institution).

After you get your money

What am I responsible for?2021-09-15T09:48:53+08:00

Just be upfront and honest, keep us up-to-date about your situation and income, and make sure there’s enough money in your account when repayments are due. If you don’t have enough money in your account, contact us before your repayment is due. All of the terms and conditions of your contract are set out for you to read before you agree to a Personal Loan. You should be sure you understand your responsibilities before you accept.

I have a question that isn’t listed

Please get in touch as we are only too happy to help.

Do you need a Larger Loan?

We understand that life brings unexpected challenges. We offer larger loans from $2001 up to $5,000. These are repayable over a longer period of time. To enquire about these loans please contact us.

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